Divorce Leads to Internet Blog and Then a Court Order

While going through an extremely bitter divorce, Anthony Morelli created an internet outlet for his frustration with the blog "The Psycho Ex-Wife." At its height, 200,000 followers viewed the site every month. According to Morelli, his intent with the site was to "provide a forum, where, through collective experiences we could help minimize the conflict in our lives, and choose better ways to deal with our high-conflict ex-spouses, be they men or women" Morelli told NBC's "The Today Show."

The Court Order

Unfortunately for Morelli and the fans of his blog, a Pennsylvania judge felt differently and ordered him to take down his blog or risk losing joint custody of his two sons. Though Morelli felt his blog was more about venting frustration than harming his family, the judge disagreed. The court ruled that statements like the one referring to Morelli's ex-wife as "Jabba the Hutt, with less personality" went beyond mere venting and that it was likely to have a negative effect on the couple's young children. Morelli filed a motion to reconsider with the family court and is appealing to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, claiming that the order is a violation of his First Amendment rights.

The Ease of Information Sharing

Social media has created a new age of information availability. In recent years, the overwhelming popularity of blogs, Facebook and Twitter have made sharing information easier than ever before. That ease of sharing, however, can have a negative effect if users are not careful. Once you put information online, it becomes publicly accessible and self-incriminating evidence may be used against you. Family courts across the country are using posts and blogs as evidence that may determine the outcome of a custody battle.

The frustration and difficulty of divorce can cause one to look for an emotional release. The Internet often is a resource for that release, but when harmless venting becomes contempt and vitriol, it this can have an impact on you, your family and any legal proceedings taking place. When posting something online, be conscious of that fact and be aware that the consequences can be lasting.

If you are contemplating divorce or considering modifying a custody order, contact an experienced family law attorney to discuss your situation.