The Issues Associated With Drunk Driving Charges

All it takes is one mistake to change your life forever, especially if that mistake is driving under the influence of alcohol. Far too often, people think they're good to drive or have misjudged how long it's been since their last drink. In the end, this simple mistake could lead to an arrest, criminal charges and serious consequences if convicted.

At Gary Greenwald & Partners P.C., we understand the importance of addressing an arrest and all criminal charges quickly. We've worked with clients in Orange, Sullivan and Dutchess counties and throughout New York who have had their rights violated during a traffic stop or have been offered a plea deal that ends up doing more harm than good.

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Charges And Penalties

There are many alcohol and drug-related driving violations you could be charged with in New York. Some common charges include:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) – BAC is .08 or higher, or there is evidence that you are intoxicated. You could face fines, jail time and lose your license if convicted.
  • Aggravated driving while intoxicated –BAC is .18 or higher. Steep fines, extensive jail time and a longer revocation of your license are possible.
  • Driving while ability impaired by alcohol (DWAI) –BAC is between .05 and .07. You may incur fines, jail time and license revocation.
  • Breath or chemical test refusal – Refusing to submit to chemical testing can lead to civil penalties, including fines and the revocation of your license.
  • Underage drinking – If you are under 21 and your BAC is between .02 and .07, you have violated the state's Zero Tolerance Law, and could face fines and the revocation of your license until you turn 21.

College Students And DUI/DWI Charges

College students oftentimes find themselves facing criminal charges for underage drinking and driving while intoxicated. But unlike their parents, they may not understand the law very well or realize that they should seek help from an attorney if they want to fully protect their rights and future freedoms.

At Gary Greenwald & Partners P.C., we explain your rights to you, no matter what age you are, and will make sure you are protected throughout the legal process.

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