Sexual Assault Allegations In New York

If someone alleges that you subjected them to unwanted or nonconsensual sexual conduct, then you may be accused of committing sexual assault or rape. In New York, sexual contact without a person's consent is considered third-degree sexual abuse, which is a class B misdemeanor. A charge may be elevated depending on the circumstances of the case.

For most people, allegations can lead to criminal charges that may eventually lead to serious prosecution and even more severe penalties. But for college students, sexual assault allegations can be far more challenging to handle, and oftentimes require help from a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

College Students Facing Allegations

If a college or university that receives federal funding is notified of an instance of sexual assault, then administrators are compelled under Title IX to take appropriate action. This often takes the form of hearings, typically facilitated by college or university staff members, that do not provide the same protections under the law that criminal proceedings provide.

In many cases, students accused of committing crimes find it difficult to refute the allegations against them and oftentimes end up getting kicked out of school as a result. For many, the stigma associated with sexual assault is one that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Serious Matters Call For Serious Defense

At Gary Greenwald & Partners P.C., we understand that no matter what the criminal charge may be, a person's life and future freedoms are on the line. That's why we make sure all sides of a story are told so as to prevent an innocent person from suffering an unjust fate.

When you obtain our services, we will go to work right away, gathering evidence and testimonies that can help support your case. We will address all of your concerns too, whether you have questions about orders of protection, sex offender registration or simply want to know what will happen if you plead or are found guilty.

We're here to defend your rights, and we will make sure they are protected from start to finish.

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