Domestic Abuse Is A Life Changing Allegation

At Gary Greenwald & Partners P.C., we understand that couples fight. But when tempers flare to the point of hitting, allegations of domestic violence are soon to follow.

For those facing domestic violence accusations, the road ahead is a long and challenging one. In addition to fighting back against the criminal charges against them, an individual may also face increased scrutiny by police, friends, family and the community. This scrutiny can easily damage a person's reputation, possibly causing them to lose their job, get kicked out of their home or lose custody of their child.

Domestic Violence And Child Custody

Though many cases of domestic violence may have merit, there are some allegations of abuse that are made out of spite and have no merit. Typically seen in divorce and separation cases, a parent may accuse the other parent of abuse simply to gain leverage in a child custody matter.

Unfortunately, these allegations are taken incredibly seriously by police, prosecutors and the courts. A parent falsely accused of committing domestic violence could easily find themselves facing criminal proceedings as well as civil proceedings, simply because of someone else's malice.

We Handle Domestic Violence Cases With Care

Whether domestic abuse allegations arise because of family law issues or because of an intense fight, our attorneys handle each client's case with care. We listen to all sides of the story, especially our client's side, to get to the truth. We then craft a strategy that fits the situation, including seeking restraining orders when the case calls for it.

If a case needs to go to trial, our lawyers will come prepared with evidence, testimonies and strong advocacy that will stand up to the opposing side's allegations. We will do whatever it takes within the scope of the law to make sure our clients can properly defend themselves in the courtroom.

Get Experienced Counsel Today

Protecting your rights is important to us, which is why we provide quick responses to calls for help and will start working on a defense strategy immediately. Our firm has a track record of success in many criminal law cases, making us a smart choice in your time of need.

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