What Steps Should You Take After A Crash?

No one can predict when or where a motor vehicle collision will take place, but you can be prepared to take the appropriate steps after a crash by following these helpful steps:

  1. Take pictures of all vehicles involved. This will give the insurance companies involved a better idea of the full extent of damage.
  2. Tell the police and medical providers about all your injuries. Don't leave anything out – tell them everything that hurts and make sure it all gets documented.
  3. Don't refuse medical attention if you have an injury. Even if you're not hurting now, you may later on, which could indicate a serious injury. Getting treatment right away documents your injury for insurers, giving it a better chance of getting covered.
  4. Get everyone's insurance information. You may be covered by someone else's policy.
  5. Notify your insurer. Even if you weren't at fault, your insurance company needs to be informed about the accident.

When Should You Seek Legal Representation?

It's preferable to obtain legal counsel right away after an accident. That's because a lawyer can handle your injury and property damage claims more effectively than you can thanks to their understanding of the law. While they are handling your claims, you can focus on recovering from the accident.

When Is It Necessary To File A Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit after an accident depends on many factors, including whether or not you meet the criteria established under insurance law and what types of injuries you suffered. A qualified injury attorney can explain whether you have a case or not.

Does A Lawsuit Need To Be Filed In A Certain Period Of Time?

New York statute grants an accident victim three years after a crash to file a lawsuit. In cases where a victim dies, a wrongful death claim may be filed within two years of the crash.

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